Fifth Workshop on Lambda Calculus and Formal Grammar

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Workshop held at the National Institute of Informatics
March 24-25, 2008

This is the fifth installment of an informal workshop series that started three years ago. (The programs of the previous workshops are available.) The theme of the workshop is the interface between the lambda calculus and formal grammar, with a particular emphasis on the grammar formalism known as Abstract Categorial Grammar or Lambda Grammar. The workshop is open to all interested people.

The workshop is part of the NII joint research project Toward a Comprehensive Model of Grammar Based on the Typed Lambda Calculus, headed by Makoto Kanazawa.

Date and Place

Date:March 24-25, 2008
Place:Lecture Rooms 1 & 2 (2005, 2004), 20th floor, National Institute of Informatics (National Center of Sciences Building). (Map and access information.)

When you enter the National Center of Sciences, tell the guard that you are attending the workshop on the 20th floor.


Philippe de Groote, INRIA Nancy - Grand Est
Makoto Kanazawa, NII
Greg Kobele, Humboldt University of Berlin
Reinhard Muskens, Tilburg University
Sylvain Salvati, INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest
Chung-chieh Shan, Rutgers University
Ryo Yoshinaka, Hokkaido University


Monday, March 24

10:20Opening Remarks
10:30Reinhard Muskens (Tilburg University), The social construction of meaning and the theory of types
11:40Philippe de Groote (INRIA Nancy - Grand Est), A type-theoretic view of dynamic logic
14:30Chung-chieh Shan (Rutgers University), Reasoning about contexts in Henkin models
15:40Ryo Yoshinaka (Hokkaido University), Efficient learning and the inclusion problem of a subclass of deterministic context-free languages
16:30Makoto Kanazawa (NII), A prefix-correct Earley recognizer for multiple context-free grammars

Tuesday, March 25

10:30Sylvain Salvati (INRIA Bordeaux - Sud Ouest), On the derivations of minimalist grammars
11:40Greg Kobele (Humboldt University of Berlin), On the complexity of deletion under identity
12:30Closing Remarks

For further information, contact me at the following address:

Makoto Kanazawa
kanazawa at nii

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